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eCommerce – expectations vs. reality

Ecommerce is growing every day, and more and more retailers are taking their first steps. Starting an online business can lead you to the deception that something happened naturally. In that article, we will look at six expectations that are way far from reality. To make a site like “X” for $10,000 We often meet […]


Move your business online – Planning

With our latest article, we launched a series on “Migrating offline business to online.” There, we answered the questions – why to start selling online and what are the advantages of internet commerce. If you have not read it yet, you can do so Here. Today we continue with the second article in the series, […]


5 ideas for advertising campaigns that will help you increase your sales

Ideas for Google and Facebook remarketing campaigns to increase your sales.


Some eCommerce trends to expect in 2021

What to expect from 2021, and what will be different in eCommerce?Here are 7 eCommerce trends for 2021.