Move your business from offline to online – How to choose a Domain name

Choosing the right domain for your online store is crucial to its success. If you chose the wrong one, it can have a negative impact if you decide to replace it. Any change of domain can cause problems with your website and its ranking in search engines. That is why it is essential to choose […]


Move your business from offline to online – Marketing Research

How to do online marketing research and what tools to use for it?


Move your offline business to online – Planning

With our latest article, we launched a series on “Migrating offline business to online.” There, we answered the questions – why to start selling online and what are the advantages of internet commerce. If you have not read it yet, you can do so Here. Today we continue with the second article in the series, […]


Migration from offline to online store – Introduction

Why is it necessary for our business to be active online and what does this bring us?