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6 affiliate campaigns analyzing tools

Affiliate marketing is a set of tactics through which businesses stimulate their sales and expand customer base by providing a reward to another person or company. To measure these campaigns, you first have to select the appropriate tools to track their results and manage them. That’s why we created this article with six ideas for such instruments.

  • Voluum

Voluum is a platform for tracking all types of advertising campaigns and is created specifically for affiliate marketing. It can be integrated with over 40 traffic sources, including Google Ads, Facebook, Propeller Ads, etc. Also supports various advertising formats – Native ads, Search engine ads, Display banners, Push notifications, Pop ads, Social media ads, Email ads, and Video ads.

  • AffJet

AffJet allows you to track your results from multiple affiliate channels in one place. That will help you make the right decisions on time about the low-performance channels & ads and scale your effectiveness. You can add different filters to see the information you need, trends, new opportunities and to create better ads.

  • AffTrack

AffTrack offers a solution for companies of various sizes who want to track running Affiliate and Performance marketing activities. There are many features, including real-time tracking of results, targeting suggestions, and much more.

  • Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro offers the ability to integrate with over 400 CMS platforms, direct link tracking, sales tracking in multiple currencies, multiple tracking methods, and more. The company offers a 14-day free trial.

  • Tapfiliate

Tapfilliate is the next tool for tracking and managing your Affiliate programs. Here you can create personal referral links, brand your advertising materials, post for social networks for any of the campaigns. It integrates with many platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Woocommerce, Opencart, etc.

  • Adplexity

Adplexity is a different type of platform than those above. Through it, you can track the most profitable advertising campaigns of your competitors and traffic sources. That will help you find out which tactics work and which don’t, borrow ads that work, and upgrade them instead of starting from scratch.