7 Tactics to Elevate Sales During Slow Months

At the moment, every retailer is enjoying a surge in sales and higher turnover. Everything is wonderful until January and February arrive. That’s when literally everyone seems to lose interest in shopping. But how can we change that?


Internal Search Engines for Online Stores

When developing the structure of our online store, we often reach a point where we decide to implement an internal search engine to assist customers in finding products quickly and efficiently. However, you might not give much thought to the technology powering it. But as you delve deeper, you’ll start wondering how it rapidly sifts […]

Unlock the Success Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies for E-commerce

Unlock the Success: Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies for E-commerce

Every click, scroll, and interaction matters in the quick-paced world of e-commerce. The conversion rate, or the proportion of site visitors who complete the intended activity, such making a purchase, is the key performance indicator in this digital space.

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Direct To Consumer (D2C)

Successful and distinctive eCommerce strategies In this article, we will delve into business models, specifically the Direct To Consumer (D2C) model. What is D2C? D2C is a business model where manufacturers or businesses sell their products and services directly to consumers, bypassing intermediaries like distributors, retail chains, or stores. What are its pros and cons? […]