15 reasons why to choose Magento

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15 reasons why to choose Magento

The choice of platform for building an online store affects the overall online business growth. Most of them are built to be simple to use, but they are lacking for key functionalities. That’s the reason why researching different platforms and the opportunities they provide is one of the most important factors before creating your online store.

In this article, you will find 15 reasons why to choose Magento – one of the most famous eCommerce platform globally.

  1. An open-source platform with a wide community of Magento specialists which supports the continuous development of the store.

  2. Many functionalities
    Magento is a preferred platform for many global brands such as Nike, Samsung, Nestle Nespresso, Olympus, Ford, and Coca-Cola. Depending on the companies’ needs, many individual functionalities and modules have been built.

  3. Opportunity for growth of your business
    The platform provides an opportunity to start a business with both 10 and over 10,000 products, which helps quickly scale the business.

  4. SEO – 100% SEO-friendly platform with the opportunity to create a sitemap, search-engine friendly URLs, Meta tags, automatic generated regular keywords, breadcrumbs, and Google Content API for shopping.

  5. Suitable for B2B

  6. Possibilities to add related products, up-sell, and cross-sell.

  7. Pricing rules with the possibility of restriction to stores, customer groups, products, and categories.

  8. Landing page for categories – Magento provides the ability to create landing pages for different product categories and a complete redesign of them or product pages.

  9. Creating groups of customers – the segmentation of customers by certain characteristics is quite possible, as well as modifying the content of the site for specific groups.

  10. Functionality for displaying recently reviewed products, comparing products, adding a product to “Favorites”.

  11. Ability to completely modify the site functionally and visually.

  12. Supports sites with multilingual versions and different currencies – this makes it easier for businesses to enter new markets.

  13. Unlimited product features, tags, and filters.

  14. One-page checkout
    The completion of the order can be both through regular checkout and fast (on one page). Besides, the platform allows users to create an account at the beginning of the checkout.

  15. Integrations
    The platform allows integration with multiple payment methods, courier services, ERP, warehousing, and PIM systems. That allows the business to automate processes and save resources.