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eCommerce growth tips

There are many ways to grow your online business so we created this article for every online business owner who is looking for inspiration and wants to test new approaches. Let’s not waste more time and jump into some details.

  • Focus on users needs

Gather feedback from users and improve your products and services. Work closely with them – ask, assist them in all sorts of ways, you can even ask them to help you choose a specific approach. Find out what they need and modify your offer.

  • Talk to your customers in their language

The seller-client relationship is different for different businesses. Some brands choose to be more friendly, while others stick to professional expression. The choice of such depends entirely on the niche, business culture, and goals of the company. Find the right statement for your customers’ expectation. This will help break down the barrier between you and them and increase your chances of being recommended. And as we all know, the recommendation is the best marketing.

  • Allow your customers to choose the most convenient and preferred delivery method
  • Create ambassadors for your brand

There are many tricks you can work with here – loyalty program, bonus system, promo code for discount, program “Invite a friend” and others. Make them part of your mission and goal because they are one of your strongest weapons. They are the people who will look for you again and again because they like you and they are the users who will help you in difficult times for the brand.

  • Shipment packaging

The first thing the customer sees when he receives the order is the pack. Make it interesting – brand it, put a card with a message, use recyclable materials and most of all be creative and distinctive.

  • Add a gift to the shipment

The effect of surprise always works in your favor. Add a small gift to the order. It can be a product, an invitation to a pop-up store or event, a card, and even a discount on the next order for a certain period of use. Here we move on to the next way to increase sales…

  • Use the emergency element

Urgency is one of the most effective marketing tools for influence. The thought that the customer will miss an opportunity always works in favor of the brand. That is why the discount for the next purchase in a certain period is a working technique – the customer is satisfied because he has a gift because he can take advantage of a discount, and we make a second order from the customer.

  • Free Shipping

Free shipping is one of the motivators for consumers to order from you. One of the main ways to apply free shipping is for the customer to receive one when they place an order above a certain value. In this way, in addition to the customer receiving the desired free delivery, he will place an order of higher value, which is the main goal of any business.

So far, we’ve looked at ways to get consumers to trust our brand. In the following lines, we will pay more attention to techniques for increasing sales broken through communication and sales channels.

  • Upselling and Cross-selling

Through Cross-sell, businesses are trying to sell a product that can be used in combination with the main one that the customer has chosen. Here we are not talking about bundling (an offer that includes several products), but about the appearance of products related to the one that the customer wants to buy. For example, if the customer buys a laptop, through Cross-sell we can offer him to buy a bag/backpack for him, headphones, mouse, etc.

The upsell, on the other hand, is a method by which the business tries to direct the consumer’s attention to a more expensive product than the one he has chosen.

  • Large-scale sale of stagnant products

Instead of keeping stagnant goods in our warehouses, it is good to try to sell them until they are “out of fashion”. Make a big sale of these products. Some large companies run a series of such campaigns over a while.

  • Email segmentation and automation

Email is one of the most highly convertible marketing channels. Create different pathways to guide your customers and lead them to the action you want. Test different segmentation and ways of communication.

  • Personalized advertising

Take advantage of the power of online advertising. Target interests with specific offers. Use the power of dynamic remarketing (dynamic remarketing shows users products they have viewed on our site).

  • Create audiences with consumers who buy during big sales you make and target them at future sales.
  • Create Look-a-like audiences

A look-a-like audience is one that is similar to another that is valuable to the business.
For example, we can make a Look-a-like audience of people who have placed an order through our site.
In this way, you will reach people with similar behavior and interests who have not yet shopped from your store.

  • Take advantage of the power of Landing pages

You can find everything about landing pages here

  • Make the Checkout process easier

The checkout process is the process of completing an order. The shorter the path to completing the order, the more customers will complete it. Make it as easy as possible and easy to fill.

  • Invest in systems that make your job easier

Many software solutions improve the quality of work – product information management systems, border management systems, automation systems. Through them, you will be able to optimize your time, human resources and you will be able to sell in more channels.

  • Sell in more channels

The main point of sale for any online business is its online store. Different marketplaces can be used to expand the distribution channels, such as Facebook Marketplace, Instagram shop, Amazon, Emag, Olx, etc. They help us enter new markets in other countries. More information about easier selling in more marketplaces  you can find HERE.

  • SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the main methods to make our business more recognizable and to be in the right place, at the right time, for the right person. SEO is applicable for every stage of the sales funnel, so investing in it as a channel is extremely important.

  • Analyze the data

Measure the performance of your channels using different metrics depending on your goals – sales, the price per sale, call tracking, newsletter subscription, form completion, etc. Based on the analysis you do, optimize your strategy and get the most out of each platform.