5 ideas for advertising campaigns that will help you increase your sales

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5 ideas for advertising campaigns that will help you increase your sales

One of the most valuable measures for the success of a business is sales. In the article below, we will give you five ideas on how to increase them through advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google.

In essence, the ads that drive completed purchases are at the end of the marketing funnel.

In this regard, the remarketing campaigns that we will list below largely depend on the number of users who have been to your site and viewed it. However, you have to reach the maximum potential customers to increase the number of your real ones. Let’s not waste any more time and start.

The things you will need are:

  • Working online store
  • Advertising accounts on both platforms
  • Implemented tracking codes
  • Product feeds made according to the requirements of Facebook and Google
  • Desire

Google Dynamic Search Ads

Google’s dynamic search ad appears in search engine results when a user searches for a specific product. Dynamic search advertising uses content (such as product names) on your site to target your campaign. For example, if a user searches Google for “smart TV X,” your ad will show the result of that particular model, where the headline will be the name of it.

Concerning the “Description” – it has to be appropriate for each model of your products. If we go back to our example with TVs, the “description” of our dynamic search ad can look like this: “Get your smart TV at a great price!”. Here you can add more advantages to why customers should buy from you – free delivery, N years warranty, delivery up to 2 days, etc.

Remember: Do not set specific prices and features of your products that apply only to one model!

The ad uses the product pages on your site as a landing page. There is no need to place them manually. In our example with the Smart TV X – the ad will use the Smart TV X’s product page as a landing page. Dynamic search advertising is one of the easiest ways to reach users looking for a specific offer. It saves time for preparing advertising texts and prevents the risk of wrong landing pages.

Google Standard Remarketing

Google’s standard remarketing is an ad has shown to users who have visited your site. For this purpose, it is necessary to place a remarketing tag on the site in advance. That campaign is a type of banner ad placed on Google or websites which are part of the Google Display Network. Banners we can add to the campaign are the same as for the standard GDN campaign. The audiences it reaches can be created by you or rely on the automated ones offered by Google Ads, which are:

  • a list of all visitors
  • a list of those that have placed an order
  • an optimized, which combines different users from the available sources

Google Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing is the so-called “next step” in remarketing campaigns. We’re using it when we want to show users the exact products they have saw on your website. That is the difference between it and the standard remarketing. Here we display to consumers offers, not generic banners. The specific about this type of campaign is it needs a product feed to fill the ad content. It automatically retrieves photos of products viewed by users. That makes the content more personalized and leads to success and more sales.


Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Like Google Dynamic Remarketing, Facebook also offers to advertisers to create an ad that displays the products every user saw on your website. One of the main advantages is it always shows the actual prices of products with no need for additional manual work. That ad works for product remarketing, which lands on your website or your application. Here is a shortlist of what you need to set-up a Facebook DPA:

  • a Facebook Pixel attached to your site or an SDK in your app
  • a Business Manager account
  • a product catalog

You can find more info about the set-up process and some examples on Facebook for Business’s help portal – https://www.facebook.com/business/ads/dynamic-ads.

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences

Facebook goes even further the personalized DPA by enabling DABA advertising. Facebook DABA appears to consumers interested in products similar to those you sell even if they haven’t visited your online store. It shows consumers products that are relevant to them. Banners look the way Facebook DPA looks. To tap this type of ad again, you need:

  • a Facebook Pixel attached to your site or an SDK in your app
  • a Business Manager account
  • a product catalog

Remember that the success of advertising depends not only on the choice of such. The set-up, quality of the online store, budget, competition in the niche, and many other factors influence it.

And do not forget to check the frequency of your campaign. After all, you don’t want to turn users away by annoying them.