7 Tactics to Elevate Sales During Slow Months

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7 Tactics to Elevate Sales During Slow Months

At the moment, every retailer is enjoying a surge in sales and higher turnover. Everything is wonderful until January and February arrive. That’s when literally everyone seems to lose interest in shopping. But how can we change that?

In this article, you will find seven activities to increase your sales during the so-called ‘dry periods’ of the year. Let’s not waste any more time—let’s get started.

  1. Wheel with Discounts
    The discount wheel is the perfect way to not only increase your sales but also grow your email list. Choose relevant and attractive discounts to delight consumers. With a little help from your IT team, you can expand from providing promo codes to offering price cuts or even a free product.

  2. Sale
    The post-holiday months are a great time to clear out winter merchandise backlogs, stale products in the warehouse, and anything going out of style. Have a massive sale during these months, distributing products by categories or themes to create a more segmented ad and make it easier for customers to navigate your offerings.

  3. Loyalty Program
    A loyalty program often goes hand in hand with the phrase ‘set it and forget it.’ However, the months at the beginning of the year are the perfect time to re-engage with your loyal customers. Here’s how:
    • Offer special deals exclusively for loyal users.
    • Celebrate their birthdays with a gift for purchases made in the specific month.
    • Create a ‘welcome flow’ for all new program registrants.
    • Send automated emails/messages reminding them of their collected points.
    • Provide promotional emails a day early, giving them exclusive access to offers while stocks last.

  4. Promo Code for Customers Who Shopped in the Last 2 Months
    Nothing beats more discounts from a customer’s perspective. Keep your customers engaged by sending them an email or text with a promo code for a special discount on their next purchase. Tie the promo code to a specific period to encourage customers to place their orders promptly.

  5. Kits
    Create special limited-edition bundles, such as multiple product bundles or 2-for-1 offers, and reduce their prices. This strategy can help increase both your turnover and average cart value.

  6. Gift with Purchase
    Add a product as a gift for purchases over a certain amount. You can include small-sized products, full-sized products, promo codes for the next purchase, or testers. This leaves a positive impression on the user, as everyone loves getting something for free.

  7. Free Shipping
    Free shipping has always attracted customers. Users are so accustomed to it that when they see paid delivery or an excessively high amount for delivery, they tend to close the site. While you may have a calculated threshold for free shipping, consider running a campaign for a few days (2 or 3) offering free shipping on every order.

Remember, you can effectively attract customers even during the worst times of the year as long as you create compelling promotional offers and plan your activities well.