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Move your business online – How to choose a Domain name

Choosing the right domain for your online store is crucial to its success. If you chose the wrong one, it can have a negative impact if you decide to replace it. Any change of domain can cause problems with your website and its ranking in search engines.

That is why it is essential to choose the most suitable domain name when creating an online business. In this article, we share a list of references that will help you make the best choice.

  • Select the appropriate extension – .com, .org, .net or region link (.bg, .uk, etc.). When choosing, you can be sure that “.com” will always be the best choice, as it is most often used worldwide and easy to remember. If “.com” is still busy, go to .org, .net, or regionally expanding the country that will be active.
  • Seek uniqueness through branding
    Use something great. A domain name is a way for users to search for you, remember you, and talk about you. If you use previously used common words (for example –, it is possible users do not differ from the competition by using similar domains. Bet on a name that makes you different and memorable. A valuable factor to note is easy to pronounce on the domain name.
  • Do not use numbers
    Go to a short and simple domain name. It is not good to use numbers to withdraw it.
  • Make sure it is easy to write
    If you get confused quite often when writing it, consider whether it is not good to buy the second one, with which you are most often confused. A great example of this is Google. They bought both their primary domain,, and
  • If you use foreign words to create your domain, make sure you understand their correct meaning. That is a critical factor in maintaining the reputation of the brand.
  • Check the history of your chosen domain
    The domain you selected may have been used before. Therefore, it will be a good idea to check for what purposes it was used and to assess whether it is ok to be purchased.
    A tool to check your domain history –