Web Design Trends – 2023

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Web Design Trends – 2023

Technologies change really fast, but web design trends are not much different from previous years. Given the elements imposed in the design, the audience could quickly get bored. And the effect that we would certainly not like to achieve is that our users lose interest or get confused because of “outdated” web standards.

Also, over time, web designs have become necessary, which will never stop being effective, because of their “user-friendly” navigation, effectiveness and loading speed. By adding these features and elements that work flawlessly, you could solidify your site’s top position and create an extraordinary experience.

At Beluga IT, we keep up with not only the latest trends in website design but also the time-tested and proven how-to’s of creating exceptional functionality that’s easy to use. And today we share with you some of them, which will be relevant also in 2023.

Parallax scrolling

A fairly popular web effect that makes sections on a web page dynamic. It is most used across the full width of an image or video site and creates the illusion of depth on the page. When the user scrolls past an image or video, the background content appears to move at a different speed than the foreground content while scrolling.

Graphic elements

Graphics are one of the most important parts of website design, but combined with various third-party integrations or cluttered graphic content, they could greatly affect site speed. Therefore, it is important to use them sparingly and create a clean look that focuses attention on the necessary places, creates a unique user experience and increases the sales ratio.

Lazy Load

Lazy loading ensures that the web browser (such as Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox) will only download the content you see on the screen without wasting valuable server resources and time loading off-screen content that may never be seen.
Many website visitors never reach the bottom of the webpage. So why load that content and increase page load time? A better approach is to load the content when they start scrolling down the page and get closer to it.

Personalized content

You may have visited a website and after a few hours or days come back to it to see that its content has changed. It’s no secret that the most advanced websites track users’ browsing history, but cutting-edge web agencies will advise their clients to display dynamic content based on a user’s past behavior or what we know about them, not generic content made to serve everyone.

Personalized content created for users who return to your website for a second or third time could increase sales. You experience this every time you use Google as a search engine. Based on your behavior, interests, searches, Google will recognize the type of food you like. If you’ve reviewed or recorded Italian restaurants in the past, it might make sense that Italian restaurants weigh more heavily in your search results.

Custom content is probably more important for e-commerce website owners. Showing recently viewed, saved, liked or similar to recently purchased by shoppers’ products, could increase sales significantly.

Without realizing it, personalized content has become more expected by users, and it will be an even more dominant focus for a successful web presence.

Grid Layout

In 2023, modern web designers will rely on an asymmetric style.
CSS Grid Layout is popular to bring the full power of print layout to the web.

Grid Layout is a 2D grid layout method for cascading style sheets. Grids allow website designers to construct layouts for complex responsive web designs, giving sites a clean look.


Any design should now be considered in relation to the different needs of people with disabilities.
For example, it’s a good idea to avoid overly flashing and eye-straining animations, videos, and images to make your site user-friendly for people with epilepsy.
Having a site that every visitor could interact with is a key indicator of good customer service.


Adding interactive sections to your website is a great way to provide value to your visitors, get them engaged with your website and learn more about them.

Mobile-first design

Responsive design is no longer enough. Your website should work well and be user-friendly on all mobile devices – regardless size! In 2023, web design will continue to focus on creating websites that are thumb-friendly.
What exactly is “thumb friendly”?
It’s about the way we use our phones. If you’re reading this on your phone right now, look at how you’re holding it. Your fingers are probably wrapped around the back of the phone, letting your thumb do all the work. This should also be taken in mind in the web design, and you should not put elements that you do not want to be clicked on places where the thumb rests.

Full Page Header

Full page headers are expected to become popular in web design in 2023. A common approach involves placing important text or call-to-action buttons on the left side of the headline and using enticing graphics on the right side. This is because visitors tend to spend most of their attention on the top left of your page. Full page headers unite the main elements and visualization in an aesthetically pleasing design that directs attention only to the essentials.

Dark mode

Dark mode web designs serve several different functions. From a practical point of view, they help reduce eye strain, which is a problem for many as we spend more and more time looking at screens. From an aesthetic point of view, dark mode easily creates an ultra-modern look to your website, while allowing you to highlight other design elements just by darkening the elements that surround it.