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Product labels in e-commerce

What are product labels?

Product labels are an effective way to highlight the advantage of a product, increase attention to it and drive sales. They are a visual element added to products in the store that the retailer wants to emphasize. Examples of such are – new product, on sale, discount rate, bestseller.

Each platform provides different ways to add such an attribute so you can increase your sales.

Increasing sales through labels

As mentioned above, labels are attributes added to the product to draw customers’ attention.

An important thing to consider is the number of products marked with a label. A common mistake is to use a discounted product label on all products on the site. That is not a good sign from a consumer point of view, because it leads to the conclusion that the discounts are not real, but just a trick.

If you have a large percentage of products at a promotion, consider making a landing page with all of them. That is also applicable when there is a large-scale sale or on Black Friday. In these situations, customers would expect, but not if year-round.

The second important part is the design of the label. The color has to comply with the color palette of the site in the first place. Try a few different options to get a good idea of ​​what looks best.

Here we have to note also, the maintenance of a simple and clear message. If the product has a lower price, add a label with a discount rate (for example -25%).

Types of product labels you can use

  • New product

Through it, your loyal customers will find their way around the environment faster to find products they have not yet purchased.

  • Promotion (discount rate)

Who doesn’t love discounted goods? And who wouldn’t notice the red label in the many products?

  • Out of stock

Instead of downloading the product from the site whenever it is not available, leave a label on it. This way, the customer will know that you are selling it and could come back when it is available. If you add a field to enter your email address to let him know when it’s available, he likely will.

  • Coming soon

Moments of suspense always work. The expectation is a powerful element in marketing and trade in general.

  • Bestseller

Consumers are always seeking for the approval of other people. What better way to target a product that many other people have chosen to buy?

  • Made of recycled materials

More and more consumers are thinking about protecting the environment and appreciating products that do not involve using new materials in production. A label showing that a product is from recycled materials would be an excellent incentive for them.

  • Recyclable product

In combination with number 6, a label indicating that the item is recyclable will strengthen your name as a company responsible for nature protection.

  • Local production

Consumers often look for which products are manufactured in the country they live in because of the better quality. Therefore, this is another convenient way to stimulate both consumers and producers in the country.

  • Low stocks

If a product sells out at a high rate, you can always label it when few items are left. That will cause urgency, and urgency reduces decision-making time. And when you have just loaded stock from this product, you can put a label on it to tell your customers that it is fast selling product.

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