How the blog assist sales?

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How the blog assist sales?

For the past year (2020), there have been measured over 4.66 billion active Internet users. So now seems like the best time to add blog to your strategy to move your business to the next level.

Creating high-quality content is a valuable aspect of your overall marketing strategy. It builds a long-term relationship, and trust with customers, increases the quality of your website and could be an easy way to add value.

In this article, we will outline the main benefits of creating a blog and several tools for finding suitable topics.

What are the benefits of a blog?

Increases traffic to the website

Looking at possibilities for users to find you online, we could highlight the following segments:

  • Looking around for your business by searching the brand name directly in search engines.
     – This audience has already won you over because they have noticed and remembered you.
  • Paid traffic. – This includes all paid activities through which you strive to attract users to your site – advertising on social networks, partnerships, etc. That is also one of the preferred options. But where is the problem? If you do not engage users who come to your site from advertising with regular content, then reducing the advertising budget will reduce the traffic that has come so far.

Here comes the power of blogging.

Creating content regularly and optimizing it for search engines, with each article, you add another indexed page that can appear in the search engine results page. That is what will bring you traffic from users who have sought a solution that you give them.

Expand your social media content strategy

Creating posts on social networks is one of the tasks we do almost every day. But generating new ideas for them is sometimes a difficult task. Creating valuable content, you generate content for your posts and also increase the chances that users would share it.

Turning the user into a customer

Once you have solved bringing traffic to your site, we turn to the question – how to turn these users into customers?

Think of your articles as a fundamental unit that can bring you a new customer. By adding a clear call-to-action, you drive users to take that step. For example, you have an online clothing store, think about writing articles dedicated to the different materials for clothes. At the end of them, add links to specific models.

If you still do not want to sell your products to them, you can invite them to sign up for your newsletter and continue to communicate with them through email marketing.

Long-term results

Regularly creating high-quality content for users you want to reach will surely bring you long-term results. But how do we generate high-quality content?

Start by answering the questions that customers and readers ask frequently. If you are a start-up business and do not have an active audience to ask you questions, think about what they might be and strive to make your products or services more understandable. After, you can improve your content with tips, ideas, educational articles.

Answering frequently asked questions is essential, especially for difficult to understand and sell services and solutions. The blog is the perfect place to hang out and explain in detail the benefits of what you sell, the value, the problems they solve, and what makes you different.

How do the results become long-term? The answer here is SEO. After publishing the article and sharing it on social networks, sending an email to your customers inviting them to read it and the other activities, the impact expires about a week. That is where the traffic you drive to your site stops.

However, keep in mind that your article is already indexed, and you can appear in search engines for weeks, months, years. Respectively – you lead the people who are still looking for solutions to their problems, and you are their solution.


By gathering an audience that reads your content regularly and giving valuable advice and solutions, you will become a leader in opinion about them. That is both a responsibility (to provide accurate and correct information) and creates loyalty among consumers who become defenders of your brand.

Tools for discovering topics for your blog

Quora is one of the largest portals for knowledge exchange. The forum is built for sharing questions and answers of different nature and topics.

Look for keywords related to your business, the products, and the services you offer, and see what questions users have asked. This way, you can find pains users are facing and questions to answer in an article.

BuzzSumo is a site that offers a variety of content ideas based on specific keywords you’re searching for.

The tool will show you related to your search term articles sorted by engagement. You can take ideas from them, refract the content through your eyes and upgrade them.

The tool also includes the analysis option, which shows the content trends over time, user engagement, top channels, appropriate content formats, the best days for publishing, and the best content length.

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